On dirait le Sud

thanks on dirait le sud

On dirait le sud is inspired by an old french song of Nino Ferrer with the same name.
“On dirait le sud” is a project which has been filmed during the six cold winter months in Switzerland.
Due to the very hard conditions we’ve moved to Lisbon for one week in order to get enough footies for the project. That’s why we called it “On dirait le Sud”.

Feat skateboarders : Greg Hamel, Celian Cordt-Moller, Simon Perotet, Mathieu Poncet, Greg Artisi, Romain Van herp, Romain Grobety, Jonathan Marty, Guillaume Berthet, fabien collomb ,ludovic pugin,andrea crispini, Loris manfredonia
Video filmed in switzerland and portugal.Geneva, bern, fribourg, lausanne, zurich, lisbon
Edited by Mathieu Poncet 2013

Full video:

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