Thanks x Centralos

Collab Thanks and centralos

Centralos is Brand of wax from Zurich made by Andreas Galli and it is also a crazy team!
One problem in Switzerland is the lack of interaction between german part and french part, so we decided to do a collaboration together.

To do a collaboration board Thanks x Centralos was really nice for us, and we decided to do a video of our two team together to inaugurate it.




Starring: Romain Grobéty, Sven Kilchenmann,Adi G, Romain Vanherp, Celian Cordt-Moller,Edouard Fontaine, Greg Artisi, Kilian Zehnder, Pipo Gentile, Greg Wicky, Michel Muller, Lino Haefeli, Ménélik Jourdan, Jonathan Marty

Edit by Mathieu Poncet 2015

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