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Yes papa!

Yes papa! is a video by David Goldsworthy.
This video reports the story of Romain Van Herp who is trying to get the last part of the film to not get fired of the team.

feat. Celian Cordt Moller, Romain Grobety, Greg Wicky, Steffen Christen, Menelik Jourdan, Jasper Mcdowell, Edouard Fontaine, Greg Artisi, Romain Van Herp, Greg Hamel, Lino Haefeli, Jonathan Marty, Ludovic Pugin, Luc Boimond, Guillaume Berthet, Jordan Queijo, Rui Esteves, Michael Brunner, Will Twalla.

Filmed in Geneva, Zurich, Barcelona, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Lyon, Fribourg.

Year released 2015.


Full Video:

Celian Cordt:

Romain Grobety and Greg Wicky:

Greg Artisi, Greg Hamel, Romain Van Herp:

Lino Haefeli and Jonathan Marty:

Menelik Jourdan, Steffen Christen and Edouard Fontaine:

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