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Thanks – Yes Papa!

Yes papa!

Yes papa! is a video by David Goldsworthy. This video reports the story of Romain Van Herp who is trying to get the last part of the film to not get fired of the team. feat. Celian Cordt Moller, Romain …

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LFE – Lezzi for ever

lezzi for ever

Lezzi for ever is a video by David Goldsworthy. LFE means originally “La fine equipe”,wich is a crew from Genva, But this video is also a tribute to Alex Lezzi, a friend of us who passed away. That s why …

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Thanks x Centralos

Collab Thanks and centralos

Centralos is Brand of wax from Zurich made by Andreas Galli and it is also a crazy team! One problem in Switzerland is the lack of interaction between german part and french part, so we decided to do a collaboration …

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Thanks – You are welcome

You are welcome

Realised by Mathieu Poncet, this video was filmed in Switzerland(Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Fribourg), France(Lyon, Annecy), Spain(Madrid) and Germany(Berlin). Feat. Lino Haefeli, Greg Wicky, Romain Van Herp, Greg Artisi, Greg Hamel,Edouard Fontaine, Romain Grobety,Mathieu Poncet, Celian Cordt Moller, Jonathan Marty, Guillaume …

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Thanks at Tetuan skatepark in Madrid

thanks x welcome skateboarding at tetuan madrid

During a trip in Madrid, we met the guys of Welcome skateboarding , a really nice skateshop. They decided to bring us to their skatepark to share a day with them. Nice afternoon at Tetuan skatepark during our ten days trip …

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On dirait le Sud

thanks on dirait le sud

On dirait le sud is inspired by an old french song of Nino Ferrer with the same name. “On dirait le sud” is a project which has been filmed during the six cold winter months in Switzerland. Due to the …

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Home town sick town – Chez chonmar

home town sick town - chez chonmar

Home town sick town is a video by Yves Marchon. During a while, Yves Marchon had a shop in his home town Fribourg, This video is the video of this shop called Chez Chonmar. Jonathan Marty has a really nice …

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Greg Wicky and Lino Haefeli welcome part

Wicky and Lino welcome part

These two guys are kings of style, Greg Wicky is from Montreux in switzerland, we decided to add him in the team after the first edition of the Straigh and Aitsch event in Zurich Where he did a awesome sweetch …

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Coucou fall 2012

Coucou is a short clip from 2012, essentialy filmed in Geneva. with Celian cordt-Moller, Guillaume Berthet, Greg Artisi, Romain Grobetty, Mathieu Poncet, Stephen Christen, Chris Goodyear and Flo Byrne-Sutton. At the begining of the brand, the idea was to do …

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David Goldsworthy “Dax”

dax et luc boimond

Dax, David Goldsworthy has been skateboarding and filming skateboard for many years with his crew La Fine Equipe. Since his beginning, he has collaborate with several shops and brands from Switzerland, including Thanks for wich he made the “Yes Papa!” video in 2015. Today, he is still working on a lot of …

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Steffen Christen

stefen christen crooked lyon

Yes papa! with Menelik Jourdan and Edouard Fontaine Steffen Christen is a skateboarder from Geneva. From the begining, He has been skating with Romain Grobety with whom he forms the Madreams crew. He is always motivated to skate handrails, he rides for …

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Menelik Jourdan

mene portrait1

Menelik is a crazy guy, He has been riding in Geneva since 8 years, he is member of the Da shit crew. After a period at Pulp 68, He now rides for Tranzport skateshop in Geneva  and Thanks skateboards. Yes Papa part:

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