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Thanks team and actors

Jonathan Marty, Celian Cordt and Lino Haefeli in the new AJVT skatemag.

Romain Grobety

Romain grbobety - Balthazard Wyss

Romain Grobety is a skateboarder from Geneva, Switzerland. He has been in the Thanks team since the begining.The crazy things about him are his Pop and his faculty to skate switch as good as regular . Romain is also a great person, always …

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Lino Haefeli

lino haefeli

Lino Haefeli is skateboarder from Aarau in switzerland. Lino is originally from Croatia. He is really technical and has a lot of style. Always moving, he is really passionate about skateboarding. He rides for Home street home skateshop, Mosaique wheels and …

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Celian Cordt-Moller

Celian grind

Celian is not only a member of the thanks skate team, but also an associate in the brand, He is here since day one. Celian is a great skateboarder, really productive but he is also an artist. He studies at the …

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Jonathan Marty

front blunt geneva

Jonathan Marty is from Fribourg. He rides for La volière skateshop and Tensor trucks. Not only a really good skateboarder, he also plays ice hockey in his home town. Jonathan is always skateboarding big stuff, and is always down to make …

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Shqipron “Skipi” Bobaj

skipi bobaj

Shqipron Bobaj is a swiss skateboarder from Aarau (switzerland). Member of the ColourGroup with Lino Haefeli, Skipi is not only a really good skateboarder, but also a great filmer and movie maker. Shqipron Bobaj is really active and always travelling for skateboarding. Thanks …

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Greg Artisi

front nose slide barcelona

Greg Artisi is Co-Funder and Co-director of the brand with Mathieu Poncet and Celian Cordt Moller, Greg has been skating for 20 years around Geneva. Now Greg Artisi manages Thanks with the help of his associates, but he is still skateboarding a lot …

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Mathieu Poncet

mathieu poncet

Mathieu Poncet is the initiator of the brand and co-owner with Greg Artisi and Celian Cordt-Moller. Mathieu is a skateboarder from Geneva, and also a film maker. He has filmed and edited most of the Thanks videos since 2011; You are …

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David Goldsworthy “Dax”

dax et luc boimond

Dax, David Goldsworthy has been skateboarding and filming skateboard for many years with his crew La Fine Equipe. Since his beginning, he has collaborate with several shops and brands from Switzerland, including Thanks for wich he made the “Yes Papa!” video in 2015. Today, he is still working on a lot of …

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Steffen Christen

stefen christen crooked lyon

Yes papa! with Menelik Jourdan and Edouard Fontaine Steffen Christen is a skateboarder from Geneva. From the begining, He has been skating with Romain Grobety with whom he forms the Madreams crew. He is always motivated to skate handrails, he rides for …

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Menelik Jourdan

mene portrait1

Menelik is a crazy guy, He has been riding in Geneva since 8 years, he is member of the Da shit crew. After a period at Pulp 68, He now rides for Tranzport skateshop in Geneva  and Thanks skateboards. Yes Papa part:

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