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Xie Xie – Thanks skateboards in China


Mathieu Poncet , Celian Cordt Moller  and Fabien Scotti went  to China . They visited this crazy country and did some clips there. Feat. chinese skateboarders: Vincent Li, Meng Shen, Luobo Here is the edit of their trip:

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Thanks x China


Our last board serie is a collaboration with Fabien Scotti, a Swiss Photographer who lives in Geneva. Fabien is a specialist of China, speaks chinese, and he is an amazing photographer. This boards designs are made with original photos taken in …

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Steffen Christen

stefen christen crooked lyon

Yes papa! with Menelik Jourdan and Edouard Fontaine Steffen Christen is a skateboarder from Geneva. From the begining, He has been skating with Romain Grobety with whom he forms the Madreams crew. He is always motivated to skate handrails, he rides for …

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